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Recovery Companions

If your recovery is or has been threatened by your lifestyle, your educational or occupational requirements, or complex comorbidities, then the tailored, comprehensive nature of companionship may be perfect for you. Recovery Companions can be by their client’s side 24 hours a day, present for any struggle and every little victory. They provide mentorship, structure, and a reliable support system that is constant and uplifting.

A recovery companion from Recovery Frameworks has first-hand experience with recovery and its many challenges. They use this and their training to enhance the opportunity for success for all of the individuals that they work with. The companion works to support their client as they take their own journey while educating them, keeping them safe, and maintaining their motivation. The Recovery Companion service is designed to develop a better quality of life by creating a constant shadow of positive peer support. If past treatment attempts, or the transitions that came afterward, have proven to be unsuccessful, then a companion may be appropriate.

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Safety and Accountability

Recovery companions’ 24-hour presence ensures that their clients are protected from many of the challenges of early recovery. Their observations are recorded for the treatment team’s consideration.

Privacy and Discretion

Companion services allow you to partake in the lifestyle that you are accustomed to while having a safety net for any challenges that may arise. Companions are trained on respecting your privacy and maintaining confidentiality to the nature of the service.


Structure and Routine

A Recovery Companion works with their client to establish a workable structure and routine that helps manage time and fill it with positive activities.

Setting Goals

A Recovery Companion will help define and create a plan that assists in replacing problem behaviors with new productive habits.

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Tailored Support

Companion services are customized to address your specific needs. Everything from the day to day interactions to the selection of the companion is determined in pre-service consults.

Companion Services Address:

Mental Health 


Disordered Eating

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