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Intervention Services


For the families of an individual with substance use disorder, an eating disorder, or a mental health disorder, the powerlessness and hopelessness can be overwhelming. We can see that their behavior is causing harm, why can’t they? Is there any amount of punishment or love that will help this person act in a different way? Where is the best place to send a loved one? Recovery Frameworks’ interventions are designed to assist families with the many uncertainties that come with a new journey into recovery.

Recovery Frameworks’ intervention process guides families to provide the necessary love and structure that their loved ones will need for the early recovery process. Additionally, we work to educate you on the journey of recovery so that you know what to expect and can take an active role in the success of your family member’s recovery.

The intervention program at Recovery Frameworks helps to prevent premature dropout from treatment services. Individuals will receive the foundation for establishing the life skills and changes necessary for long-term health and recovery. Additionally, our intervention services allow for a family and individual to work together to coordinate appropriate aftercare, ensuring a collaborative effort and a greater chance for recovery.

The focus of intervention services with Recovery Frameworks is two-fold. They address both the family and the individual. Loved ones will develop understanding and make changes that will contribute to the overall success of recovery and the individual suffering will have an environment to return to that promotes the recovery process. 

Proven intervention process

Proven Process

The intervention process that Recovery Frameworks utilizes has a long and successful track record.

Structure and Guidance

Interventions create a structured setting and format that empowers families to convey their love and care, while holding firm boundaries.

Structure and guidance for intervention
Holistic intervention


Our process is utilized to address behaviors ranging from Substance Use Disorder, Eating Disorders, Mental Health Disorders, and failure to launch. We look at an entire person, their needs, and find the best possible solution for a successful intervention.

Treatment Cooperation

Recovery Frameworks’ interventions extend beyond the day of the meeting. We utilize the principles of our interventions long-term to help the individual stay motivated in their treatment journey.

treatment collaboration intervention
next steps after intervention

Provide Education and Next Steps

Interventions provide new communication tools to use as a family system that can be utilized for support through the many changes that will come over the years.

Referrals and Connections

Intervention must be followed up with appropriate resources that help the individual use their strengths to support their recovery. We develop a complete understanding of your case and find the perfect resources based on your needs

referrals and connecting intervention

Intervention Services Address:

Mental Health 


Disordered Eating

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