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Recovery/Education Consultants

Recovery Consultants and Education Consultants that need assistance with oversight and accountability when mental health disorders, eating disorders, or substance use disorders are creating problem behaviors can feel confident in Recovery Frameworks’ encompassing services. We fit into whatever role is necessary to address your clients’ needs. 


When Recovery or Educational Consultants feel that they need more accountability or face time with the individuals they serve, Recovery Frameworks is here to offer services that can provide a greater insight into their client’s daily life.  With structured meetings, workshops, and goal setting exercises, consultants can feel at ease knowing that their clients have someone close at hand whenever they need someone that they can depend on. 


The Recovery and Education Consultants that work with Recovery Frameworks can rest assured that regardless of the types of resources or assistance they are needing, we are able to help.  We are passionate about collaboration with all professionals involved, and when needed can help build out teams of support for your clients.

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Recovery Coaches are guides through the early recovery process,  providing support and check-ins for long term success.


The Recovery Companions from Recovery Frameworks provide mentorship and structure that is consistent, positive, and focused on the actions to develop recovery.

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