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Disordered Eating

Disordered eating occurs when an individual begins to experience disturbances in their eating behaviors and their thoughts and emotions related to food. Preoccupations with one’s food, weight, and shape are additional warning signs. When disordered eating progresses into an eating disorder, the disease is very serious and can often be fatal. It is imperative to address these disorders with clinical and structured support. At Recovery Frameworks, our services are designed to assist individuals and families at every stage of their recovery from this dangerous and deadly disorder.

Disordered eating causes constant shame and guilt in the individuals suffering from it. For individuals whose lives are being affected by these disorders, the frustration can be great. There are stigmas from society and family members who can’t understand their behaviors. For those family members, they are frustrated by years of what they may see as inaction. Treatment options for these disorders have remained largely consistent. Recovery Frameworks provides contemporary solutions that complement traditional pathways, based on research and outcome-driven results.

Individuals with disordered eating often need assistance as they transition from the treatment setting back into their day-to-day life. Families of individuals with eating disorders are struggling as well. Our services can guide you through the confusion, pain, and logistics of assisting your loved one through their own recovery. Case managers can provide a helping hand through the many decisions that have to be made and provide insights that come from years of experience. Interventions can be used to help the individual understand your love for them and your feelings about their disease. This helps provide a healing space for the family and the individual. All of our coaching and companionship services include case managers to communicate with you and guide you as your loved one makes their own progress.

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Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaches are guides through the early recovery process,  providing support and check-ins for long term success.

Recovery Companions

The Recovery Companions from Recovery Frameworks provide mentorship and structure that is consistent, positive, and focused on the actions to develop recovery.

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atlanta intervention


The intervention program at Recovery Frameworks provides the education and the space to develop new life skills and changes for both the families and the individuals, 

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care services provide a dedicated case manager to assist with the many uncertainties and logistical challenges of early recovery.

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