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South East Recovery Coach

Recovery Coaching

The journey from a treatment center back into one’s old environments and responsibilities is difficult to navigate. The introduction of new challenges and temptations threaten the recovery that individuals have worked so hard to develop. Other individuals may not be able to make it into the protective environment of a treatment center, opting instead for the convenience of an outpatient or similar service to complement their busy lifestyle. In these instances, many individuals face adversity as they are unprotected with little oversight if an intrusive thought develops. In cases like these, recovery coaches assist in providing accountability, guidance, and motivation.

     Recovery Coaches are guides through the early recovery process. They develop an understanding of their clients’ recovery and their goals, motivate them to continue the work that they are doing, provide new coping skills, and offer an individual the greatest chance for success. Coaches fit into the schedule that works for their clients, meeting as needed throughout the week to support treatment goals, logistical challenges, introductions into mutual aid groups, and any unique support our clients may need to access. With a recovery coach at your side, you can feel more confident in your transition into a recovery that complements your lifestyle.

Local recovery support

Establish Local Support

A Recovery Coach assists in finding positive people, resources, and groups in your community that can support a successful recovery.


A Recovery Coach holds their client accountable for their actions and steers them towards holding themselves accountable for their choices. 

accountability recovery coach
Convenient recovery coach


Coaches meet for predetermined hours every week for sessions that include activities, recovery meetings, process sessions, and workshops. They fit into your schedule.


Coaches are matched with their clients based on personality, interests, professions, age, and more. The perfect coach that can relate to you is waiting.

customized recovery coach
private discrete recovery coach

Private and Discrete

Coaching services allow you to partake in the lifestyle that you are accustomed to while having a safety net for any challenges that may arise. Coaches are trained on respecting your privacy and maintaining confidentiality to the nature of the service.

Coaching Services Address:

Mental Health 


Disordered Eating

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