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case management

Case Management

What will you do if a family member calls you after leaving treatment early? Would you like to feel confident knowing that your assistance isn’t enabling harmful behaviors? Would you prefer to find resources that use your loved one’s strengths to support their recovery rather than focusing on their weaknesses? Comprehensive care services from Recovery Frameworks provide a dedicated case manager to assist with the many uncertainties and logistical challenges of early recovery.

Recovery Frameworks’ philosophy is that recovery is a holistic healing process that extends beyond the individual of concern. Case managers assist you so that your loved one has the best support for their recovery. They are available at any time, but weekly meetings are held to ensure that families feel comfortable and confident with the boundaries in place, that they have a space to communicate with each other clearly and helpfully, and where they can ask any questions that may come up. With case management, your loved one can feel confident knowing that they are not alone in their recovery and that their family is serious about supporting them.

Comprehensive Care services are often combined with intervention services to ensure a continuum of care. However, they may be implemented at any stage in the recovery process. This service is recommended for those who will be going through transitions and will need guidance through those changes.

comforting case management

Comfort and Presence

You can approach your case manager at any time to ask questions and discuss concerns. They ensure that you are never in the dark about your loved one’s journey and how to assist.


The case manager adapts their plan to the family that they are working with. No two treatment plans are the same because no two families are the same

Personalized Case Management
Treatment Support

Treatment Support

By developing a plan and following through with it, you support your loved one when intrusive thoughts develop and they are not feeling strong enough to continue their recovery. The strength you will develop can help them through these challenges and assist in outcomes.

Whole Family Healing

Families will be led through a comprehensive care process. They will be given resources for their own healing and tools to develop and enforce boundaries.

Whole Family Healing Case Management
Unity Case Management


Case Management aims to create unity in family systems and mend division. Remember, “one-on-one, the disease always wins.”

Case Management Services Address:

Mental Health 


Disordered Eating

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