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Family members of individuals dealing with substance use disorder, eating disorders, or mental health disorders go through so much pain. It becomes extremely difficult to empathize as you deal with the confusion and hurt of the problem behaviors. You lose focus on your own life as you try to fix theirs. You become confused and overwhelmed by the multitude of resources that are available. 


Recovery Frameworks works to provide peace of mind and support for all of the families that we work with. Every coach and companion is accompanied by a case manager that is available to families at any time. They will work to help you understand the plan and what the coach is reporting, as well as to hear your input and take it back to the coach. If services for the individual are already in place, families can add case management and monitoring services to provide an active support in their loved one’s recovery.

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Recovery Coaches are guides through the early recovery process,  providing support and check-ins for long term success.


The Recovery Companions from Recovery Frameworks provide mentorship and structure that is consistent, positive, and focused on the actions to develop recovery.

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The intervention program at Recovery Frameworks provides the education and the space to develop new life skills and changes for both the families and the individuals, 

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive care services provide a dedicated case manager to assist with the many uncertainties and logistical challenges of early recovery.

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Monitoring services hold the individual accountable to their recovery goal and take guesswork out for the family.

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