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Who we serve Recovery Frameworks

Who We Serve

Recovery Frameworks services can be tailored to the exact specifications of the individual we are serving. No matter what part of the treatment team you play, Recovery Frameworks can complement your efforts and assist through non-clinical peer support services, case management, and substance use monitoring.


Recovery Frameworks assists with the common pitfalls of the recovery journey. Each founder, case manager, coach, and companion brings professional training and personal experience with recovery to the organization in order to provide teams  with customized solutions. Recovery companions, recovery coaches, and interventions help individuals and families navigate their new lifestyle.

Serving individuals with addiction


Our main mission is to support individuals that are navigating their recovery journeys. We want to provide a path that we know works to make a longstanding impact on your life, your health, and your recovery.


Recovery Frameworks provides healing to make sure that the family stays strong throughout the journey.

helping families through addiction
helping treatment centers after treatment

Treatment Centers

Recovery Frameworks provides services that complement the efforts of treatment centers on either side of treatment.


Recovery Frameworks supports interventionists building encompassing treatment plans for their clients.

helping interventionists
educational consultant

Recovery/Education Consultants

Recovery and Education Consultants that work with Recovery Frameworks can rest assured that regardless of the types of resources or assistance they are needing, we are able to help. 

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