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Disordered Eating Coaches

Disordered Eating Coaches

At Recovery Frameworks, the goal of our Disordered Eating Coaches is to provide education, motivation, and a safe environment for the development of joyful recovery.

     Disordered eating occurs when an individual begins to experience disturbances in their eating behaviors and their thoughts and emotions related to food. Preoccupations with one’s food, weight, and shape are additional warning signs. When disordered eating progresses into an eating disorder, the disease is very serious and can often be fatal. It is imperative to address these disorders with clinical and structured support. Disordered eating coaches assist individuals and families as they navigate the early challenges of recovery. 


     Disordered eating coaches are individuals in long term recovery from their disordered eating who provide mentorship and accountability to the individuals they are working with. Disordered eating coaches work with individuals for a custom amount of hours throughout the week. They will work in whatever environment the client needs them to provide unique and tailored assistance.


     Coaches focus on providing structure that is consistent, positive, and focused on the action to develop the skills and tools necessary to sustain recovery from disordered eating. They fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and are prepared to collaborate with the treatment team you have in place. Working one on one with individuals allows disordered eating coaches to be present for the challenges of early recovery that often arise.


     At Recovery Frameworks the goal of our disordered eating coaches is to provide education, compassion, motivation, mindfulness practices and a safe environment to develop strength in recovery. Disordered eating coaches provide a new resource for living in recovery. When working with a disordered eating coach from Recovery Frameworks, you or your loved one will have the greatest opportunity they can have to build their quality of life in recovery.


     If you think a disordered eating coach could be beneficial in you or your family's journey to recovery, reach out for more information about how we can help.

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