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Mental Health Companion

Mental Health Companion

At Recovery Frameworks, the goal of our Mental Health Companions is to provide education, motivation, and a safe environment for the development of joyful recovery.

     There are myriad mental health challenges that can impair an individual’s life, creating health problems and a failure to meet major responsibilities at work, school, and in one’s personal life. Shame, guilt, and pain afflict both the victim and their loved ones.  Addressing these disorders is challenging due to disruptive treatment options and disjointed support systems. 


     Mental Health Companions are individuals with clinical experience who provide mentorship and accountability to the individuals they are working with. Mental health companions are available to individuals 24 hours a day. They will work in whatever environment the client needs them to provide unique and tailored assistance. In the short term, companions can be used to maintain accountability and safety during times that the treatment team knows will be challenging. These include the transition away from a protective environment or trips and engagements that will be particularly stressful. In the long term, mental health companions provide support that is consistent through the many levels of care associated with treating mental health disorders. They develop strong personal relationships that individuals can rely on as they progress in their recovery.


     Companions focus on providing structure that is consistent, positive, and focused on the action to develop the skills and tools necessary to sustain recovery from mental health disorders. They fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and are prepared to collaborate with the treatment team you have in place. Working with individuals 24 hours a day allows Mental Health Companions to be present for the challenges of early recovery that often arise. Mental Health Companions will monitor mood, affect, and medication intake.


     At Recovery Frameworks the goal of our mental health companions is to provide education, compassion, motivation, mindfulness practices and a safe environment to develop strength in recovery. Mental Health Companions provide a new resource for living in recovery. When working with an Addiction Recovery Companion from Recovery Frameworks, you or your loved one will have the greatest opportunity they can have to build their quality of life in recovery.


     If you think a Mental Health Companion could be beneficial in you or your family's journey to recovery, reach out for more information about how we can help.

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