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Introducing: Our Rebuilt Case Management Program

At Recovery Frameworks, we understand that the journey to recovery is unique and filled with challenges. We recognize that factors like low motivation, isolation, medication mismanagement, and logistical obstacles can create barriers to wellness. To address these challenges and enhance the recovery experience, we are thrilled to announce the rollout of our new, comprehensive Case Management Program.


Bridging the Gaps for Lasting Wellness

Our program is designed to tackle the hurdles often faced in early recovery, providing a holistic approach to support individuals and their families. We believe that success in recovery requires more than just traditional treatment methods. That's why we've introduced comprehensive case management to address key elements that contribute to successful recovery.

Your Personal Liaison in Recovery

Think of your case manager as your personal liaison, a dedicated professional committed to working with you and your loved ones. This partnership is built on empathy and understanding, creating a powerful team focused on overcoming obstacles and fostering positive change. The case manager acts as a guide, connecting your family to premier recovery resources and ensuring seamless communication between all stakeholders.

Coaching Support Throughout the Week

But the support doesn't stop there. We recognize the importance of ongoing assistance for individuals on their recovery journey. That's why each family enrolled in our program is assigned a recovery coach for their loved one. These coaches, themselves in long-term recovery, understand the struggles and joys of the journey firsthand. They check in regularly, providing safety assurance, following through with recommendations, and assisting in developing motivations and goals for recovery.

The Power of Teamwork

The synergy between the case manager and the recovery coach creates a powerful team that surrounds your family and your loved one with the support needed for successful recovery. While the case manager oversees the broader aspects, the recovery coach becomes your loved one's personal champion—working tirelessly to prevent potential barriers, carve out personal goals, and rekindle passions and motivations.


Accelerating Recovery, Ensuring Growth

At Recovery Frameworks, we believe in a collaborative and comprehensive approach to recovery. Our new Recovery Support Program is designed to manage symptoms, accelerate recovery, and ensure continuous growth. We are committed to providing the tools, resources, and support needed for individuals and their families to thrive on the path to wellness.

Join us on this transformative journey towards lasting recovery. Together, we can overcome challenges, build positive habits, and celebrate the milestones that mark a life in recovery.


Disclaimer: Recovery Frameworks offers a non-clinical support service. The services and programs provided by Recovery Frameworks do not include medical advice, including diagnoses, medical care, or clinical treatment. Services should only be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your doctors, therapists, consultants, and/or providers in part of your treatment team.

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