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Andrew Cranny - Founder

Andrew Cranny is in long term recovery from substance use disorder. He is certified as an interventionist, case manager, and peer support coach. With a focus on holistic healing for both the individual and the family system, Andrew is passionate about helping others develop well-rounded lifestyles that reinforce physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.
Andrew found his path through the years of self-discovery that recovery provides. The journey seemed nearly impossible in the beginning. Shame, inadequacy, and loneliness pervaded his early sobriety. He found what worked for him to outgrow these thoughts, develop his confidence, maintain his sobriety, and to become the man he had always wanted to be. Now, he works with others to help them find their own unique roadmap. Andrew knows that everyone’s recovery is different. He provides education on common support systems, space for experimentation, and a partner that will share in the struggles and joys of early recovery.
Andrew enjoys working out, reading, and playing video games when he is not working. He is extremely passionate about music and loves listening through new albums that come out each week.

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