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Raleigh Disordered Eating Coaches

Raleigh Disordered Eating Coaches

At Recovery Frameworks, the goal of our Disordered Eating Coaches is to provide education, motivation, and a safe environment for the development of joyful recovery.

     For individuals who have been challenged by the transitions that come after treatment, those looking to add support to their outpatient program, and those that will face difficult situations as a result of professional or educational responsibilities, disordered eating coaches provide an excellent addition to Raleigh-based individuals and their treatment teams. At Recovery Frameworks, the goal of our disordered eating coaches is to develop an understanding of your strengths and your interests and to make your journey into recovery from disordered eating a joyful one.

     The disordered eating coaches from Recovery Frameworks provide mentorship and structure that is positive and focused on the actions that develop recovery from disordered eating. They fit seamlessly into Raleigh lifestyles and are prepared to collaborate with the treatment team you have in place. Disordered eating coaches meet at set times throughout the week, providing frequent support points and meetings based on your interests and passions.

     Our disordered eating coaches come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences in order to find the best possible fit for our clients. Disordered eating coaches work alongside their clients to find the best plan of action for their recovery away from disordered eating. We work to find the motivations, build the confidence, and explore every avenue to a holistic recovery. 

     Recovery allows our Raleigh-based clients to see their city in a new light. They can engage with their community and discover new passions. Our disordered eating coaches assist with your reintegration process and will help you to discover what it means to be in recovery from disordered eating.

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