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Why Use a Recovery Coach?

While navigating early recovery, there are many resources and programs available for individuals and their families. We at Recovery Frameworks define ourselves by focusing on early recovery that addresses individuals' unique needs with substance use disorder, eating disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Your or your loved one's experience with Recovery Frameworks will be inherently different because of our core values and our unique approach to early recovery.

We have a wide range of customizable services so that each individual has the resources they need. In addition, we focus on empowering the people we work with through companions and coaches who understand the importance of confidence in your pathway to recovery.

Empowerment, Education, and Mentorship

Empowerment truly begins with “person-centered care.” This philosophy is just as it sounds. Our recovery coaches listen to your needs and gain an understanding of your desires. Then, they go to work on assisting you based on this knowledge. For anyone to truly feel empowered, they must first possess a complete understanding of their circumstances. Perhaps most importantly, when it comes to the disorders we focus on, one must feel confident that recovery is a valid and fulfilling path that one can choose. This is one of recovery coaching’s greatest strengths.

We believe that every individual should experience various pathways to recovery, and our coaches and companions can show individuals pathways in your community.

Education is a crucial step in the path to recovery. Our recovery coaches and companions strive to show individuals we work with the foundation for their early recovery. This step includes introductions to different recovery fellowships, support groups, and avenues to support them in their recovery journey. We believe that every individual should experience various pathways to recovery, and our coaches and companions can show individuals pathways in your community. We also work to educate involved families on the recovery journey. This looks different for every family, but we always stress the importance of family recovery alongside their loved ones. We educate families on support groups in their area and speak to them weekly about the progress of their loved ones and steps to take for their recovery journey.

Recovery coaches’ lived experiences uniquely qualify them to mentor the people they work with. They have dealt with the feelings that arise in early recovery. They know what it is like to feel scared of a future in recovery and how to push through that. They took the actions that helped them to develop long-term recovery and created fulfilling lives for themselves. Now they want to help others do the same. Our coaches’ and companions’ lived experience provides the framework for individuals to build their own fulfilled life. We utilize the role of a built-in mentor to guide the people we work with down the road of recovery. They have various backgrounds and experiences to pull from to show individuals a path to a successful recovery.

Quality of Life

Recovery Frameworks’ coaches and companions combine empowerment, education, and mentorship to help clients to improve their quality of life. They will use talking sessions, accountability, activities, lived experiences in recovery, and the guidance of a greater team of professionals. Our coaches strive to help the people we work with develop new coping mechanisms for stress, support their health and wellness, and the motivation to lead a fulfilled life. The team at Recovery Frameworks, our case managers, coaches, and companions are all trained to help you or your loved one find and sustain recovery. Our previous blog posts discuss the value of a recovery coach and the differences between coaches and companions within the recovery process. All the work we do surmounts to increase the quality of life in the people we work with.

To learn more about the recovery coaching and companionship offered at Recovery Frameworks, feel free to reach out and speak to a team member today.

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