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Who We Are & Why We Are Here

While educating, empowering, and mentoring individuals through their recovery at Recovery Frameworks, we also see the importance of sharing stories to connect individuals. We hope that our own stories, as individuals in long-term recovery, will help to illuminate the purpose behind Recovery Frameworks and our guiding principles.

We started Recovery Frameworks to provide a new support service to the southeastern region's mental health offerings. In our experience, we were not fit with the best tools for sustaining long-term recovery, and over time we saw the benefits of what one-on-one recovery coaching can do. Our services and beliefs are directly inspired by our own journeys and what we saw as missing from our recovery. Hear from us both and our personal connections to you or your loved one's recovery.

Isaac's Story

to watch the interactions of coaches extending their hand to help the people we work with is the bright spot of my life today

I attempted recovery a few times as a teenager. I bounced from facility to facility and wasn't given any form of long-term support when I was in treatment. I felt like I had an honest desire to maintain recovery, but I wasn't given a foundation. I was told to go to meetings, I was told to stay abstinent, but I had no idea how to build any quality of life in recovery. I didn't know how to make new friends, I didn't know how to hold myself accountable, and I didn't know what it meant to find mentors and positive support for myself. I was alone in my recovery journey and I didn’t have to be.

People have been finding recovery for a long time. My life mission is to help individuals seeking recovery get involved with positive support systems to help navigate their journey in early recovery. That's where Recovery Frameworks was started. Our mission is to give everyone seeking recovery the opportunity to succeed, and we believe that recovery is possible for everyone. We set out to help individuals navigate the journey of early recovery. We do this by giving them someone with lived experience in early recovery to show them the routes they can take to support themselves on their journey.

The power of positive peer support comes to complete focus when looking at the results of recovery coaches, a built-in mentor, friend, motivator, cheerleader, and shoulder to lean on. This is the power of people helping people. It's a beautiful thing to watch, and I have made it my mission to see it more. To watch the interactions of coaches extending their hand to help the people we work with is the bright spot of my life today.

Andrew's Story

I teamed up with like-minded individuals to create something of our own. It is so rewarding to have the tools to follow my dreams

I've been in recovery from substance use disorder for eight years. I owe everything that I have now to the decision to maintain recovery, the actions that helped me to do that, and the people who showed me that it could be done. I had to drop out of college, put my life on hold, and embrace hard-to-swallow truths but I'm so grateful that I was able to do that today.

Recovery has been a process for me of continuously growing in my understanding of myself and others. It has helped me to develop my intuition and my confidence. This allowed me to understand my passions better and to strive towards them. For instance, I realized that I couldn't ignore my passion for music through my recovery, so I headed out to Nashville. Then I realized that I wanted to forge my path in the music industry, and I teamed up with like-minded individuals to create something of our own. It is so rewarding to have the tools to follow my dreams.

Now I am most passionate about working with others who are going through the pain and confusion of substance use disorder that I went through and showing them what they can do to get through it. When I started, I felt ill-equipped for the journey from treatment to long-term recovery. I didn’t know where to look for the appropriate clinical resources that I needed and many of the wonderful community resources I use today either didn’t exist yet or were difficult to find. I did make it through those challenging times, thanks to my family’s support, the support group that I did find, and my resolve to make recovery work, but it was very challenging and I dealt with many barriers. My hope is to offer one more resource that removes those barriers for others. I started working with community organizations and have obtained my certification as a peer support specialist. I teamed up with Isaac to create Recovery Frameworks and work administratively, but I still love using my experience to get out and coach when I can.

We know that recovery is possible. We wish to show individuals and families the hope they need to believe they can live successful and fulfilling lives navigating recovery.

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