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Intervention Services

Recovery Frameworks is proud to provide intervention services for individuals taking their first steps into recovery. The program is designed to assist individuals and their families with establishing the life skills and changes necessary for long-term health and recovery, preventing premature dropout from treatment services, and coordinating appropriate aftercare for the individual.

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The ARISE® Model

Recovery Frameworks utilizes the ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention model, which focuses on both the family system as well as the individual suffering. The ARISE® model is an evidence-based, best-practice continuum of care. It uses an invitational, non-confrontational approach where the family communicates in a caring manner with their loved one who is suffering. The ARISE® process results in 83% treatment entry within 3 weeks of the First Call, with further admissions resulting over the following 6 months (Landau, 2010).  The ultimate goal is treatment cooperation from the individual and a new way for the individuals’ loved ones to address the love, fear, worry, and guilt that can be so challenging.

The ARISE® Intervention is an invitational, non-secretive, gradually-escalating process. Through Family Invitational Intervention® and Family Motivation to Change®, it empowers families by reinstating and reaffirming their intrinsic strength, resilience and hope which is so often lost in the face of addiction and or mental health issues. ARISE® Intervention is a mind-body-spirit approach to improving quality of life, achieving goals, overcoming challenges, providing service, training and consultation to individuals, families, facilities and communities. Learn more here.

ARISE® Statistics


of addicted individuals progress into treatment in three weeks


enter treatment in six months


problem substance and behavior free at 1 year, with 10% more using less

Let's take the first step.

If your family is struggling with the first steps of recovery, please contact our team today. We are here to speak with you about your situation and determine your needs. We provide a customized approach to every individual and family, and are here to support you in all of your needs. Reach out to discuss your needs with a member of our team today!

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