Eating Disorder Recovery Services

Eating disorders are insidious, often life-threatening mental illnesses. They are the result of a combination of genetic, biologic, behavioral, psychological, and social factors. The shame and the fears are overwhelming. The right pathway to recovery can be difficult to find and the journey is a challenging one.

Our coaches and companions have experienced these struggles firsthand. They utilize their lived experience and take an active role in the lives of those we work with. They provide support with the feelings of eating disorder recovery, track and communicate progress with the treatment team, and reduce the risk of recurrences.

In bringing more support to individuals in eating disorder recovery, we believe in building a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists, therapists, and dieticians and nutritionists. Our teams work to build regular and healthy patterns of eating and encourage body-image healing work. We know that each individual has a different level of needs, and we work collaboratively to best support individuals where they are at.

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Recovery Coaches

A recovery coach is a person in long-term recovery who assists the people they work with using their lived experience. They meet at set times throughout the week in order to develop an active role in your recovery. Our coaches help you to develop and achieve life, business, educational, and recovery goals. The coach will introduce you to multiple pathways to eating disorder recovery and offer assistance in the one you feel most confident in. With this added layer of support, our coaches help facilitate communication with the clinical team to drive progress across all layers of support.

Recovery coaches offer a sustainable solution that addresses many of the areas that have been directly or indirectly affected by eating disorders.  Their experience gives them wisdom, allowing them to point out one’s potential needs and pitfalls before they arise. Ultimately, the goal is to help individuals access their own inspiration and wealth of self-knowledge to reframe their relationship with food to create a more content and satisfying life.

Recovery Companions

A recovery companion is a person in long-term eating disorder recovery who has created a fulfilling life for themselves and has been trained on imparting their experience onto others. They provide our highest level of accountability and take a very active role in the recovery of those they work with by being available, and often present, twenty-four hours a day. Companions are able to assist whenever they are needed. They will use their lived experience with eating disorder recovery to assist with the unique challenges that arise in eating disorder recovery. They will ensure that the client’s experience is being communicated thoroughly to their treatment team and assist the client in developing their life goals and achieving them.

Companions are able to offer a level of support that none of our other services can. By taking an expansive role in the lives of those they work with, they can provide comfort, wisdom, and accountability to an unmatched degree. They will help to create a safe environment and assist in developing structure and new habits. Their goal is to improve the quality of life of those they work with and maximize the chances of a successful recovery from eating disorders.

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