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Mental Health Recovery Services

Therapeutic Coaches

Therapeutic recovery coaches utilize Recovery Frameworks’ principles of understanding motivations, supportively addressing resistance, maintaining minimal power differential, and providing accountability in order to assist individuals who are suffering with proper launching, mood disorders, or anxiety disorders. Therapeutic coaches have been trained on how to work with individuals to understand their motivations and to assist them in achieving a common goal, but additionally they often possess a clinical background in order to ensure that various needs may be addressed.


Therapeutic coaches can also provide 24/7 accountability if the need is present. Additionally, all services include a case manager to help families understand their loved one’s journey, guide them through their own recovery process, and act as a liaison between the treatment team.


If you or a loved one are looking for support with proper launching, mood disorders, or anxiety disorders then sign up for a consultation or call today to hear how Recovery Frameworks can complement the process.

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