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Addiction Recovery Services

We are here to show everyone that recovery from Substance Use Disorder is possible. It is a reality in the lives of millions of Americans, and we know that a life in recovery can be beautiful and fulfilling.

Many individuals and families can struggle from the effects and consequences of addiction. There are numerous barriers to individuals seeking help for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Substance use and other addictions are what people turn to when all other options seem to fail. They may be trying to escape emotions, trauma, or other underlying mental health issues.

The research today shows that the longer an individual remains in care for substance use disorder, the higher chance they have of sustained recovery. Recovery looks different on everyone, and we are here to support you in whatever your journey looks like. We believe in supporting people where they are at and motivating them to launch into a beautiful life in recovery. Read below about how our services fit into individuals’ lives as they navigate through early recovery.

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Recovery Coaching

It all started with our recovery coaches. Our coaches are trained individuals, with lived experience in recovery, who work to help others navigate their own recovery. Our coaches jump into your schedule and help you to develop goals, create action plans, and act as your personal support through the ups and downs of recovery. You will meet with your coach on a set schedule every week. Some work with coaches five days a week and some choose to only work one or two. Whatever the level of support you need, our recovery coaches are here for you.

Recovery coaches help those we work with to remain accountable to their goals. Our coaches make recovery as accessible as possible. By providing support through challenges and encouraging healthier alternatives to old behaviors, they help to improve quality of life and remove barriers to recovery.

Recovery Companions

Our recovery companions are a helping hand to fully integrate into your life. They are a constant source of positive engagement in your life in recovery. Companions offer a sense of safety, stability, and structure to assist you when life has become overwhelming. Our recovery companions come from a wide range of qualifications. Ater your collaborative consultation with our team, we find the best possible fit to integrate into your life.

Recovery companions further build upon the structure and accountability of our coaching services. They are available twenty four hours a day. By taking such an intensive role, they are able to instill a sense of safety, confidence, stability, and structure for the person they are working with and their family. Our recovery companions possess a wide range of qualifications. They all have lived experience with recovery from substance use disorder and have and, through their development, have become specialists across a variety of professional services. Ater a collaborative consultation with our team, we find the best possible fit based on your interests, personality, and goals.

Recovery Companions can be called upon at any hour of the day. Our companions are a constant presence of positive support. This expansive style of care provides the greatest chance for helping clients navigate early recovery and for ensuring that the treatment team possesses the most thorough picture of the case possible.  Companions motivate individuals through their recovery as they develop new skills to set off on their path to a successful life in recovery.

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