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Isaac Waters - Founder

Isaac Waters is a Certified Peer Specialist, a Life Coach and Certified Arise Interventionist. He works extensively with individuals and families who are struggling with navigating early recovery from addictions, mental health barriers, and eating disorders. 
In the past, he has dealt with his own struggles with Substance Use Disorder, Mental Health Challenges, and family systems. In long-term recovery, Isaac now dedicates his life to working with individuals in recovery. It is his passion to help families heal, to watch individuals launch into a new phase of life, and to help those he works with find purpose. Isaac wants to help those entering recovery thrive instead of just surviving. It's Isaac’s goal to see everyone who works with Recovery Frameworks find their little victories and reach their full potential.
In his free time, Isaac enjoys working out, trying out new restaurants, golfing, and he recently picked up pickleball. You can regularly find him stationed at the grill, or catching up on the tv shows he’s way behind on. 

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