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Concierge Recovery Services

Disordered Eating - Substance Use Disorder - Mental Health

Companions - Interventions - Coaches

Recovery Frameworks offers non-clinical support services to supplement the teams of individuals with substance use disorder and eating disorders. Our mission is to support and empower the individuals that we work with to make their journey into recovery as seamless as possible. We do this by tailoring our services to the unique needs of the case through a suite of offerings and maintaining a roster of trained coaches who come from a wide range of experiences.

Recovery Frameworks Services

Our services were designed to be tailored to each individual. We allow you and your treatment team to develop the program you need to fit your recovery plan.

Companions utilize all the tools and layers of support that our coaches do. They integrate themselves into a client's daily life, creating continual accountability, build structure for their clients, and identify key supports for their recovery journey. 

Interventions assist individuals and their families with establishing the life skills and changes necessary for long-term health and recovery, preventing premature dropout from treatment services, and coordinating appropriate aftercare for the individual.

Coaches fit into a client’s schedule to help develop goals, track progress, and provide the tools necessary to succeed in recovery. They provide clear-cut directions for the client in order to offer the greatest opportunity for success and to build confidence in their new way of life. 

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